Developer Diaries. Part 30

Александр 0 05/31/2017

Hello! Today we will talk with our UI designer. Say hello to Vladimir - our UI designer.


- And the first question. How complex will interfaces be in the game? What players should be prepared for?


- Since we have rather complex mix of crafting and battles in the game, interfaces should be as convenient and flexible as possible. We do not want to bury a player under a hundreds of menus. My main goal is that the player should always understands where he is, what tasks can be solved using the interface, and also what he should expect from it. This process is really complicated, so the interfaces development looks like a spiral.. Initially we laid the possibility of upgrading and improving the interface during creating our project.


We must highlight the cornerstones that laid in the visualization of interfaces - it's purity, intuition and speed of information perception. Separately, i’d like to mention that the interface style itself is minimalist and flat. We took into account the experience of our colleagues, the tradition of creating interfaces that are understandable and close to the players, but we tried to avoid excessive old-schooling. We already have experience for interesting innovations in interfaces and gradually we will introduce them into the game.


- Ok, we deal with it. Tell me about the icons, most often they mislead the players.



- As I mentioned above, the style is going to be minimalistic, with elements of flavectronic graphics, like the game's philosophy itself, which includes mix-technologies. The size of the icons is very large and they carry a large information load - there are both advantages and disadvantages, or rather complications. On the one hand, the icons are a very compact element, close to the ancient Egyptian writing. One element has image, character and the necessary information. On the other hand icons interpretation and understanding, especially when there are dozens or hundreds of them.


We are trying to make the icons informative, but in the same time simple as a traffic light. Ideally, if players could intuitively understand or feel what each icon stands for, without being distracted from the gameplay.


- Thank you for your time, we are looking forward to new interfaces and icons!


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