A day at the river

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A day at the river

One morning I decided to collect cans for some unknown reason. I decided to walk along a path the city had built along the river. To My /surprise/">surprise and luck I might add. There were two highschool girls also walking along the same path at 4:30am in the morning. The tow girls were speed walking so I waited patiently for them to walk past me, That’s when I was going to take advantage of my unforeseen situation. As the two girls walked by me I said good morning to them knowing very well what I had in store for them. As they said good morning and walked on by I told them to stop and not turn around or I would kill them. The Two girls stoped dead in there tracks. One of them was wearing sweats with long legs, And the other with Shorts and a /gym/">gym shirt on. At 4:30am in the morning it’s still dark but I could tell these white girls were fine especially the one in the shorts.

I told the girl with long legs to pull her sweat bottoms down along with her panties. When she hesitated I put my gun to her head and said, ’now /bitch/">bitch’. She then pushed her sweats along with her panties down to her ankles, as her friend started to cry.

I grabed her by the hair and pulled her over a bench on the path. And pulled her shirt along with her bra over her head. I used some duck tape I picked up at lowes to bind her hands and legs together under the bench with her ass in the air, and her junior sized tits over the edge of the bench. Her dime sized nipples were hanging just passed the bench, God they looked so /sweet/">sweet. I found two clothes pins on the ground and decided to attach them to her nipples. She screamed bloody murder as I put the first one on her nipple, My dick got rock hard from her scream as I put the other one in place, and taped her mouth shut. Hey fuck her they were my /toys/sex-toys/">sex toys to do as I please. Her friend in the shorts was crying as all this took place.

I told her to remove her shorts and her panties so I could see her ass. She didn’t have long legs but they were nice and thick for a white chick. As her hand reached the ground with her shorts and panties in hand. I told her That I was going to /ass/ass-fucking/fuck-her-in-the-ass/">fuck her in the ass after I came in her pussy. The poor bitch was crying from histaria as I told her to remove her t-shirt and sports bra at the same time. She had rusty blond hair with freckles all over her body. I then decided to remove my own clothes. Fuck I wasn’t going to need them on any way. As I sat down next to the girl with the legs with her ass in the air her friend started begging and pleading to let them go. Fuck that only made me want her more, that stupid bitch. I told her to straddle me with her legs hanging over the bench behind me. I then took her left hand and guided two fingers into her friends virgin pussy as she was still gasping for air. I pulled her by the ass until her young virgin pussy lips were resting against my cock. I picked her up by the ass her fingers still in her friend and guided her to the tip of my cock. When her pussy lips were resting on my cock I let go as this young virgin slid down the length of my cock screaming bloody murder. As her body hesitated when her cherry broke and my cock slid past with her weight pushing her body down the full length, as she tried helpless to resist.

I was lost in erotic pleasure from my victim as I hugged her close. Her medium sized breast resting against my chest only aroused me more As I held her tight around the waist. I grabed her by the hair pulling her head back. As I took her fingers out of her friends pussy and put them in her mouth with her legs shaking from terror causing a vibrating reaction for my dick. I told her it was time for her to give me head and eat her friend out. I gave her friend 4 hard slaps on the ass while telling her she was next.

I picked her up by the ass and dropped her on the pavement. Grabbing the back of her hair and shoving my dick in her mouth. I made her suck my cock until I felt my first orgasm approach. When my cock started spasming from my orgasm I held her head tight Against my balls making sure everything went into her mouth. Shit the little bitch was choking on my sperm as it filled her mouth like she never had it filled before.

I then grabbed her by the hair and threw her over her friends body with her legs dangling over the edge of the bench. I then guided my cock to her friends’ ass as I massaged the other girls’ ass with my left hand. I guided my cock to her ass and pushed relentlessly into her sphincter as her body shook from the pain. And then ripped it out of her ass just as quick. Ass her body reacted from her ordeal. The girl with the long legs couldn’t hold her bladder as piss ran down her legs. I grabbed the other girl and positioned her on the other side of the bench with her head resting on her friends back. I then lifted her legs as I moved in between them holding onto her ankles.As I guided my cock to her pussy lips. I then let my body push my cock into her pussy as she knew her fate. I couldn’t control myself as I pistoned my cock into her pussy none stop. When I felt my econd orgasm approach I told her to hang on because I was going to cum in her pussy until the last pulsating orgasm stoped. This fine little bitch lost her virginity and felt /pussy/pussy-cum/cum-in-her-pussy/">cum in her pussy for the /first-time/">first time as she screamed and shook from her ordeal.

I took a piece of duck tape I bought from lowes and taped her pussy lips closed. So my cum would mix with her pussy juice. I then threw her over her friends’ ass with her tits resting on her friends back. I got the duck tape I bought from lowes and raped it around both there necks to keep my bitch from trying to get away. Her ass looked good with her legs dangling over her friend. I gave her 28 hard quick smacks on the ass just because it looked nice and tight with her nicely shaped legs sticking out of her ass cheeks. I couldn’t help but guide the tip of my cock to her ass. I pushed it against her sphincter as I felt her butt muscles spread. Fuck they were tight as hell from all the walking she did. I knew it was going to cause her more pain than she could ever imagine. And I was just the /hole/ass-hole/">ass hole to get the job done.
As I pushed The tip of my head into her ass my leg started shaking from the tightness of her ass. I felt my piss hole penetrate her ass as this little bitch spasmed from the pain. I bokep sma pecah perawan had to take a second breath as I pushed the head of my cock passed her ass muscle.

Damn this bitch was tight as I took my third breath slamming my /cock/cock-balls/">cock balls deep into her ass. Her ass held my cock as it tried to pull it deep inside of her. It took all my strength to pull it out with the tip still inside so I could just slam it right back in. my bitch was gasping for air as she tried to scream. While I got into my groove holding onto her hips as I stared at her ass. I grabed her friends legs and pulled them up holding onto her ankles and pushing down as I road her friends /tight/tight-ass/">tight ass. I felt my third orgasm rushed through my body and into her ass. With my stomach resting on her tight freckled ass cheeks. I then ripped my cock out of her ass. The bitch started to shit as my cock left her ass. I watched her shit slide down past her pussy and onto her friends ass and down her pussy lips. Damn it looked disgusting and sexy at the same time as my bitch shit all over her friends /pussy/ass-pussy/ass-and-pussy/">ass and pussy. Some of the shit was dripping from between her friends legs onto the pavement. I jacked off until my cock got hard and pushed it into a pile of shit between there legs. Once my cock was coated with shit I put it at the entrance of her friends pussy.

I started to push into her /pussy/tight-pussy/">tight pussy as her friends shit slid down my cock. Once I was balls deep. I grabbed the excess shit with my fingers and reaches around to my ass and shoved it in with my fingers. I then grabed my bitches undies and rolled them into a tight roll like a tampax and shoved them up my ass like a dildo. I then stuck two of my fingers up my bitches unwiped ass. I ripped them out of her after five minutes as the bitch shit again onto my cock and her friends pussy. I figured why stop there as I slid the same two fingers into her friends ass giving her a double penetration. When I ripped them out she took a shit worse then her friend. I reached under my cock and scooped up the shit and started to push it back into my bitches ass. While I squeezed my own ass muscles with her panties lodged between my cheeks.

I tore her friends sweats off and split them at the crotch. I then rollen each side real tight with my cock still inside her friend. I smeared as much shit as I could on the tip and pushed it inside her friends ass spreading her cheeks with my fingers. Twisting it like a cork screw to get it in. The other half I made sure to smear as much shit as possible. Because I knew it was going old waman xxxgx to take everything I had to twist it in her ass. I had to use both hands to twist it in but it went in as her ass bleed mixing with hers and her friends shit. I took the duck tape I got at lowes from around there necks and flipped my bitch around. I removed my shit covered cock from her friend and incerted into my bitch. I guess this was too much ass she started to vomit with her dinner from the night before dripping down her cheek onto her friends’ hair. Fuck it I kissed her anyway tongue deep. Swollowing some of her regurgitation. I couldn’t help it as I pulled my cock out of her pussy and dove into her sticking my tongue as deep as I could into her shit soaked pussy. Mixing her shit around with my tongue. I then stuck my cock back into her and frenched kissed her with a mouth full of shit. As she threw up I threw up all over her face. I had A fourth orgasm with my cock covered in shit.

I threw my bitch over the bench like her friend and ducked taped her the same way. I then started to piss on her friends ass and back. I must be possessed as I used four fingers to penetrate both of these bitches ass trying to get more shit out of them. I took the girl with the long legs panties and raped them tight and stuck them up my ass with the other pair. I then pulled my under ware on like a paire of thongs to hold the panties in my ass. As I slit the two bitches throats leaving them ther with shit all over there bodies and blood dripping from there throats. I was jacking off as I left the seen satisfied with my work.