My true first time story Filipina soldiers wife

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My true first time story Filipina soldiers wife

I don't know why we are required to say this is fiction when this story really happened to me. Quite familiar MILF story line, but this one is not written, it happened and I always like to remember my /first-time/">first time. Of course I have to change names, places and some events to cover identities. And ages is legal.

It was March of 1992, I was 18 when my ailing grandma prevailed on my uncle to take me with him to his house in Cebu City and get me to school. My mom was a domestic helper in Hongkong and I saw my dad only twice. My grandma raised me in our poor village in Mindanao.

Antonio is a 36 yrs.old Army Col. known for his daring style and brutality. I never called him uncle, I call him sir. His stay at home wife Joy was a very beautiful and gorgeous woman, former Miss University intramural and the /daughter/">daughter of a politician. She is 32 but I swear she looks like 22 notwithstanding that she had given birth to an 8 yrs old daughter.

When I arrived in their home Joy opened the gate. It was so tropically warm, she was wearing a "sandu" and shorts I would later know it was her favorite home apparel. A sandu is a very thin white almost transparent light material used normally as an undergarment. It is almost see through and I immediately struggle to keep my erection unnoticed. I was only 18 and never seen such a beautiful sight before. All the girls in my small village seems to be so ugly to me after seeing what true beauty is. Her very round tits were forming in her chest and her nipple was protruding like over-sized pink pencil erasers underneath her sandu. Her skin is soft and smooth like porcelain and she glows in the heat of the sun. She is of a Spanish and Chinese descent and her beauty is so unique. Her lips were very thin and red and her eyes has some kind of natural seductiveness.

Col. Anton look at her with disapproval complaining how long it takes for her to come open the gates. They are so security conscious that only her and Col. hold the Keys. They have 2 house maids occupying one bed room. Col. and Joy had the masters room, her daughter occupy one though she sleeps with her mom and the only other one was a guest room for Joy's family who might come for visits occasionally. In short no room for me. So I was told to take the Driver's house. Actually it was just a very small structure outside the house which resembles as storage with all messed up articles, like broken chairs and other. It was occupied by the former driver who left for a job in the middle east just a month before.

In the morning as I woke up I saw through the window, Joy was watching her orchids in the patio. She was wrapped in a white towel. As I would learn her routines later, she was about to take a shower and she always "talk" to her plants. I was watching her imagining how it is to touch the skin her shoulders and kiss her lips and how it looks like underneath her towel. I started stroking myself and very soon I was spraying my cum all over the wall. I hurriedly wipe it with some old newspapers. Joy had no idea I just wanked off watching her. It has become my daily activity to masturbate watching Joy in the morning except when it rains and she doesn't come out.

I eat my meals with the two older maids in the kitchen. Col. don't go home for 2 to 3 days, sometimes a week when they have far operations. Joy and her daughter eat in the dining table. Col. was really a hard man who seldom smile at home, though he laugh a lot when he is with his colleagues and with politicians. Joy and him aren't talking much and are always quarreling.

One evening Joy arrived around 7:00 pm and I overheard her saying she is going to change her clothes. I pretended to go to the kitchen to check if it was meal time. But I sneak into the hallway and tried to peep in the key hole in the /master/">master room. I saw Joy taking off her shirt. She was standing in front of the mirror side ways to me. She unhook her bra, I held my breath anticipating what to see. She slide her bra strap down her shoulders, and from a side view I saw the most beautiful tits, in fact the first tits I ever saw. Her nipples were erect and pinkish. I started to shake inside of me. My 18 yrs old penis was almost jumping out of my pants in anger. It lasted only a few seconds but seems like a whole lucky day. She put on her huge duster(a Filipina home/night apparel extending to the knees)and started to slide down her skirt underneath. I haven't seen much but some pre cum poured out to my pants. Just then one of the maids saw me peeping at the keyhole. I beg her not to tell and she nodded as I hurried back to the kitchen.

Three days after that the Col. told me to come see him in the living room after her daughter and the maids will sleep around 10:00 pm. I didn't know what it was. When I get there the Col. was standing up looking furious in his face. Joy was sitting in the sofa seemingly not knowing what was going on. "JP, I can forgive you if you admit, but I can't forgive you if you lie, did you peep on the key hole while Joy was undressed?" I trembled in fear. Out of fear I said no. He was furious and the deeper I made excuses like I was checking for the broom made him more agitated. Joy was stunned looking at me and I was so ashamed. She seems to be a little angry but I guess she pity me trembling in fear as her husband was probing me.

Col. is known to be /crazy/">crazy, some say because he had been ambushed many times and some say because he participated in the execution of some communist. He then told me to strip leaving only my brief and then he told me to stand up there in the kitchen without sitting till the morning. Joy was more forgiving. "Don't do this to him Anton, he is only a kid, he is just curious". Anton replied with all his rhetoric about military discipline. Soon their argument had gone to many other things including Joy's shopping expenses and Anton's trip to massage parlors.

The days after that I've been so ashamed. I tried not to go to the kitchen, I asked the maid to bring me food. She might have felt guilty for telling the Col. But she was /scared/">scared when interrogated after the Col. noticed some changes in the position of the flower vase nearby the hall way. Yeah the Col. was paranoia. Sometimes he suspect the garbage collectors to be Communist assassins. I can't imagine how Joy can live with him.

That week I stopped watching Joy by the window during mornings. The Col.'s anger had terrorized my young mind. Besides I was ashamed to Joy as well. That night the Col. left as usual for unknown destination and duration. Around 8:00 p.m. I heard someone was knocking gently on my door. I heard a whisper "JP it's me your ati Joy, let me in". I was so thrilled, why is she coming to me.

It was so warm. full hd xvideo download She was wrapped in small white towel with her bra strap sticking in her shoulder, and she was wearing shorts. Sensing I got curious about her attire she explained it was so hot and she didn't put on any shirt just her bra but since she come out of the house she wrap herself in a towel. She asked me why I wasn't coming out much. She told me to feel ok and don't mind her crazy husband. "JP I know you're just 18 and that's how young boys are, curious about a woman's body so I forgive you for peeping on me but don't do it again ok". I nodded.

She said she just finished watching a movie in her BHS player and started to get very bored and lonely. She sat down on a chair and we started talking about movies and just about anything. Since then it has become her regular habit to come to my storage when she is bored and we become close, talking just about anything. Sometimes we talk till 11:00 pm.I've always been horny when Joy come to my bedroom, I imagine having sex with her. I always wank off when she leaves.

One night Col and Joy just arrived from some Karaoki singing with some friends. It seems like they were quarreling. It was about 11:00 pm and I followed in to return the Gate Keys to Joy. Col was in the living room. When Joy heard me she came out of the room wearing only her bra and panty apparently not caring as she was in anger. She is really gorgeous. I handed the keys to her. Col was furious. "Why you do you look like that?...do you like to fuck my nephew too like you want to fuck that waiter?.." Joy yelled back that Col has become a paranoid, suspicious of everything. The quarrel escalated again, and Joy was crying. "Or are you having an affair already" he looked at me. "You think I didn't observe the two of you looking at each other?..you're a traitor JP". He collared me and I was so nervous. "Were you two fucking when I'm not here?.." I shook my head. Col released me and I ran back to my storage while they continue quarreling.

The next morning Joy was in the patio watching her orchids. Col. was still sleeping so I came to her to ask if they are ok now. "Your uncle is getting crazy JP" She suspect I was fucking with every boy I talk too..I'm sorry you got dragged into his paranoia, did it hurt when he collared you?" I told her I was ok. I told Joy that since Col. had suspected us already why don't we just make it true. She almost laugh at my 18 yrs old simplicity of logic. In a low voice she asked "Do you really want to do me JP...I'm 32 yrs. old, you should find a girl of your age.." she said seems finding it funny. I was about crying and I broke down, I told her I really really wanted to fuck her. I wanted to feel her smooth skin and kiss her and I've been dreaming about her. I said I don't mind the Col killing me if after I can fuck her. She smiled. "You're only 18 JP, ..I can't believe you're thinking like that..your just being obsessed with me". I insisted "please ati Joy, I really like to fuck you even for only one time.." Joy chuckled. "We will talk about this again later." she said as she started to go back inside.

That week it calm down and Joy and Col were no longer quarreling. Joy told Col she wants to bring me to carry a mirror that she will purchase from a department store. We left that morning in her car and purchase the mirror and placed it in the back seat. Then she told me "JP I've been thinking about what you said, and you're right, your uncle had been suspecting us so why not make this true?..If you wanted me that badly then I'll give it to you" I was shaking I couldn't believe it.

We left her car at the mall and we boarded a taxi. She told the driver to bring us to Queens motel. We got a room and Joy closed the door. She told me to go to the bath room and clean my genitals with soap, I said I already bath earlier but nevertheless I cleaned my dick again. I was shaking in excitement.When I came out of the bathroom Joy was standing in front of me, still dressed. I asked why she didn't undress yet. "I think you would like to undress me..this is your first time so you have to experience the thrill" My hands was trembling as I lifted her shirt up slowly revealing her gorgeous body and soft skin. I then unbutton her jeans and pulled them down. Her thighs were of excellent and curved in a nice angle to her legs. She was wearing a triumph bra, she unhooked it and told me to go ahead and pull down the straps from her shoulder. I slowly pulled it down and I finally had a clear view of her super /tits/nice-tits/">nice tits. I can't believe I'm standing there looking at her beautiful face and her tits with pink sharp nipples. I then started pulling her panties down and slowly revealing her nice pusy with a soft hair that seems like it was comb. Such a pretty sight, a naked woman in front of me. My knees are almost buckling and trembling a lot. I didn't know how to start. Joy kissed me in the lips and we were french kissing. I was still too shy to touch her body. My penis was very erect.

She stepped back. "JP stop shaking and hold it for a little while, look at my tities, you like them don't you? are you just going to stare at them?" I can't seem to carry my hands to touch them, I felt shy, but then all hell broke loss and I begun fondling her boobs and then licking her neck and the I ran my tongue to her chest and I took on her nipple and lick and suck them alternately and fondled them. She put her arms around me and drag me to bed, she laid down in her back and I was on top of her continuously sucking her breast. I can't believe the object of my obsession finally in my arms. "You're sucking my tits like a baby" she said smiling. My dick was so full and even as I was sucking her tits when it got rubbed on the hair in her pussy it exploded and sprayed cum in her abdomen. She was disappointed saying I should have controlled it and waited. But my erection didn't soften and I continued licking her body. I tried to find the hole I could get in my angry dick but my inexperience made it hard so Joy held my dick, I felt the warm in her hands and she guided my dick inside her. She jolted a little when it got in. I just sat free porn movies download there feeling the warm and slippery sensation that I've never felt before. "This time try to hold it PJ ok, don't blow it" I just remained still. "What are you waiting for PJ, pump it inwards outwards" JOy said as she started moving her hips up and down. I got the idea and I started pumping her harder and harder until it was so fast, I can't control my body, it was like an engine breaking up finally my muscle tightened all over me and I shake inside myself again, when I was about to explode Joy pushed my cock outside "Don't get me pregnant" and I was spraying my cum again in her tummy. I wasn't done yet and I asked for another round. I couldn't exactly remember how many times but we stayed about 2 hours inside the motel room just fucking again and again taking only brief rests.

Finally Joy said we had enough, I could have gone few more rounds but we had to go. She promised we will do it again some other time, but we didn't get the chance to do it, then the next year my mom returned from Hongkong and brought me to Manila, she had married a Canadian olderly. And that's how I got stirred away from Joy. My first time was still my most memorable one.