Cyclists legs

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Cyclists legs

Alons of a business for the in ten years Erica's mined wandered as she followed the forest road bright sunlight streaming between the Black Forest trees. As she rounded a bend she heit the brakes blinded by the suns rays she'd only just seen the cyclist and cars in front. The road narrowed and the guy on the bike got out of the saddle to pump his way up an incline. Erica loooked at his huge legs and his tight arse moving from xnxxv sunny leone video side to side before he got his head down and chased oof behind the cars ahead.

20 minutes after passing tight arse as she drove through a small german town the cyclist went past her again. Over the next hour or so htye passed one another due to the end of working day traffic.
Erica imagined fit sportmans legs that could pump endlessly back and forth, some must be so lucky, mmmmmmmmmmmmmmn she moaned as she cleared a town and headed of past him for the last time.

4 minutes later she booked in to her Spa hotel and changed in to her one piece costume and headed past recepton to the pool.
An English voice caught her attention, booking in was the cyclist. Off his bike he looked even bigger, and a porter wheeled his cycle past the pool to a store room for safe keeping as she entered the pool.
Erica finished her 50 lengths and entered the pool side hot tub only to find the cyclist laid out soaking in the hot bubbles. "sorry" he said, "no problem" she replied. Oh your English he said and they briefly passed the time of day before he said "see yah" and headed into the pool. His long shorts hiding his spectacular legs and arse.
It was Friday and Erica's next appointment was not until the Tuesday.

Saturday morning she went to late breakfast at 9 and saw the cyclist heading to his room, only to return shortly later for breakfast, all the tables were taken and then he saw Erica. A look to the empty chair upposite her and she nodded and joined her saying "Christian" and she replied "Erica". Sat upposite her she realised that he was actually a huge man like a US wrestler or football player from the programs her was always glued to.

They talked weather as the English do and he finishe his juice and said he was going to swim "why don't you join me". I was going shopping, "oh, OK see yah later".
Erica went back to her room, and the thought "to hell with it" I'll be alone all weekend and pulled her oher suit from her case. It was a new yellow one piece she'd ardered from a catalogue, why don a dry suit rather than a damp one when it's only going to get wet she wondered as she found the suit a little on the tight side. The high cut leg pulled the suit tight betewee he legs and the tight top only just held her , the Lycra material pulled hard over large nipples. she realised that she'd been sent an unlined suit, rather than a cupped suit. She admired herself in the bathroom mirror, pretty good for her age after two kids. Flat stomach and good legs from her cycling at home and great full firm tits, John had always made love to her nipples that bloomed as she thought of what they used to have.
"To hell with it" she thought, no one knows me here and she headed to the pool assuming that Christian would be gone.

As she entered the pool from the steps she heard "hello" as she started on her real forced anal against her will 50 lengths. After two or three lengths she realised the she had a partner alongside her. He caught her eye and she smiled and she stepped up her speed only to find him still with her she went faster and he went faster. As she slowed at the end of the pool he called " race you to the hot tub" She flew from the turn but he pulled away from her before fading at the pool end and she leapt from the pool towards the tub. He crawel slowly from the pool to the tub, that made her laugh, the huge fit man on all fours crawling in tight revealing Speedo's. "You can get the drinks" he said as he slumped into a tub seat.

"oh thanks" she replied but stood and headed through to the bar as he took in the oh so tight one piece. She came back with tow cool long frinks and was sure he was eyeing up her . He was a retired Rugby Player, he'd injured a shoulder in a cycle training road crash and worked in sport management. She explained about her sales job. She'd also travelled a lot but had never mixed business and pleasure with colleagues, office affairs always had a way of coming out and she was married.
This went through her mind as she easily talked to Chris, Ok he said, a few more lengths and then a shower and you can take me shopping.

"Oh" she said, "well I can't get you on my cross bar can I. You're the one with the car", "oh right", "well yes"she said getting up alongside him to get back in to the pool. Stood alongside him she realised that even though she was very tall he towered over her."How tall are you" He then rattled off 6 8, 18 10 and 12 and a 1/2 inches as he dived in to the pool. "Pardon" she said as she came up alongside him. "sorry" he said. "What was your size" he repeated as they got to the shallow end. "Six foot eight tall, 18 stone 10pound in weight and 12.5 inches. She looked blank and he stood in the shallow water his crotch and huge bulge in the Speedos right in front of her face, "sorry" all the women asked when I was a pro player. She felt her face flush a little as he took her hand and pulled her from the pool, he wrapped the large hotel towel around Erica and squashed her to him rubbing his hand over her towel clad body as if drying her whilst holding her against the large bulge before taking his own towel and pulling her towards the exit and lift to their rooms. The thought about the large powerfull thighs came in to her head again as she trailed him to the lift. She had the key to her room and he said "we're next door to one another as he selected top floor on the lift panel.

As she wiped her hair back her towel dropped to the floor and he knelt and picked it up slowly standing an handing it to her as he looked at the dark pupic patch apove the pussy split by the tight fabric and her poking through the yellow suit.

He gave her a big smile that she meaekly returned and then his big hand cupped her right tit and and he pulled the side oto the centre of her chest and dipped his head and sucked in her hard nipple as his hand pulled the gusset of the suit aside and he sunk his middle finger deep in her as his thumb rotated on her excited clit.

She tried to call out as the old slow lift stopped and he pulled her by the hand as she tried to cover herself with the towel one tit swinging free and her slippery pussy exposed as they passed an elderly couple. They exited the lift so fast they had probably not noticed, and Erica was running along the passageway to their rooms. the air on her exposed pussy and her unrestrained tit dancing up and down as Chrsitian ripped the key card from her and threw her room door open as they stumbled in and he kicked the door closed throing the towel aside as he pushed her head long on the bed. she just got a glimse of his before he dragged her to him and he rammed his cock into her cunt. At least half its length as her pussy juice squirted and he rammed the remaining few inches home, then he pummeled back and forth creaming deep inside her tight stretched pussy.

Erica buried her head in a pillow to muffle her uncontrolled shrieks of pleasure. He collapsed on her after he came pawing har tits roughly laid on her back his cock twitching in her as she spread her legs, her clit carresed by the wetness of the cotton sheet beneath her as he came again in her with after shots of thick cum.

Rolling from her his cock leaving her pussy gaping as he rolled her on her back, asking if she was OK, she mumbled thanks to him as he pealed her swim suit down her body. She was exhausted like never before and fucked to within a whisker of her life. Any thoughts of a post fuck sleep were put aside as his tongue spread her pussy and brough her to life. Taking their first long kiss he filled her pussy his huge thighs spread her legs, pussy stretched wide as his cock filled her tight and he picked up a steady thrusting motion. He pumped back and forth a steady hard pace the same as when he cycled. The friction from his cock had her coming and coming. As he ploughed on and on, and waves of pleasure ripped through her body.
As he powered her up again he whispered in her ear, Is it good for you, "Fuck FUCK YESSSSSSSSSSS" she hissed in his ear.

"You're going to love it when I fuck your arse" he barked in her ear. "No No" she cried as he pulled out and pulled her on to her knees forcing his big dripping slippery bell end against her anus. circling and probing it with the eye of his cock dipping into her puss for more lube as she mutteres guttral sexual expletives into pillow she was murdering she tried to pull away but he controlled her withe her aching tits and her to explode any time hard nipple before he slapped her arse with a huge slap making herkek back and cry out from the sharl slap followed by the moan of pleasure from being skewered on his cock. Erica passed out the pleasure was so intense.

She came to hearing the shower and went wobbly legged to join Chris. He washed her and then hoisted her onto his cock as they kissed her bak against the cold tiles as he pumped her again.
Leaving her to dry herself he went to his room for clothes and retuned to find her in a medium lengt summer dress and he lead her to her car.

"Where are we going" she asked. He just smiled and directed her back to a to an area they had come through the day before. They parked the car and headed past some shops to a darker shop that he tuened her in to. All kinds of bondage gear and inside and magazines and he pulled her in not letting her escape. Picking up a few dildo's and making lewd remarks about how he would use them on her, rather than being disgusted she calmed and felt quite excited.
Clit ticklers and double probes and ben wah balls. She started giggling. They should do "try before you buy" she whispered. As he handed her a big hard battery powered rotatating probe as he pulled away and went to the counter.

With a hand full of various sized dildo;s and vibrators he propelled gher down the shop and through a door where ther were various kind sof couch comes horse affairs. "what the hell are you doing" she said as he bent her over a couch and clipped her wrists into the shackles/ then he pulled her dress over her back and ripped her damp knickers off before slowly easing his cock into her pussy and then her arse letting a stream of hot spunk cream her previously forbidden pleasure home before slipping his big dirty cock back in to her aching pussy and slipping a vibrating dildo in her arse aided by the slippery trail of spunk for lubrication as Erica bucked wildly befiore she realised that the sown keeper and another young guy were watching from the side beating their cocks as hard as they could. Erica cried out as she came at the sight of two off over her. She was sure they offerd themselves for her but Christian barked at them and they hurries out of the room as he released her, stuffing her torn knickers in his pocket the sex rolled on to the floor as Chris grabbed a packaged large vibrating Dildo and threw a some Euros on the counter as they ran and skipped back to the car as mixed cum oozed betweemn Erica's sticky thighs and arse, her ring and pussy ached and tingled.

Back at the hotel Christian got their keys as hid the tell tail stins on her dress.

They both fell asleep on the bed and he woke with here blwing his before she skewere herself on him riding like a wild bucking rodeo act, befoer heading down to dinner.
Over the following days Christian proved her theory on fit large thighed sportsmen and when she arrived glowing on the Tuesday to see her clients little would they expect a cyclist to be booking in to her hotel. Erica's three week trip ran into a 7 week trip and Christian's was looking for a home for them last I heard.