Developer Diaries. Part 28

Александр 0 05/17/2017

Hello! It's high time to share the latest news!
First, the Reaper lost his shield and kama (battle sickle) and now have a battle scythe. And now the character became more dangerous in close combat, especially for groups of opponents. One powerful swing and their souls will go to the Reaper's personal collection.



Secondly, we’re actively working on the animation of this character. Running, walking, idle state was given to animators without difficulty, but there are really difficult moments. The character is armed with a rather unusual weapon, and animators should be very carefully with control of scythe’s movements in space. For example, when Reaper uses his skills - the scythe remains in one hand, while the second commits an action. From the outside it seems simple, but in fact it is rather complicated process!



And thirdly, our FX specialist started working on effects for the Reaper's skills. It promises to be interesting! We will definitely devote a separate chapter of the diary to this topic.


See you soon on the pages of our diary!


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