Developer Diaries. Part 54

Александр 0 01/10/2018

Good day, dear friends!
We hope that you had a good rest and full of energy for new achievements.
Our team also returned from the holidays and started to work. In the coming weeks, the main priority will be the release of a new build for testing. But we are not going to leave any other directions either.

The most interesting and intuitive part at the moment will be a partially updated interface. As we previously announced, the indicators of attack on your character (weak and strong) were added, as well as the “Stun” indicator. The next days our interface artist will finish work on the updated menu of talents and HP indicator.

Work on another improvement in the appearance of the Marauder is almost complete, there are still several corrections to be made before the character finally takes root in its new form.

We continue to work on new variants of the Reaper scythe. We suggest you vote for the style you like.

This is all the news so far, see you soon on the pages of our diary!


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