Developer Diaries. Part 29

Today, our diary will be overviewed, as the team is busy in completing of main tasks, which we have already talked about.

05/24/2017 0

Developer Diaries. Part 28

Hello! It's high time to share the latest news!

05/17/2017 0

Developer Diaries. Part 27

Hello everyone! Today in our diary we will show the progress of the FX’s for the Marauder's skills.

05/10/2017 0

Developer Diaries. Part 26

Welcome to our 26th Developers Diary pages! Today we will return to the topic of improving the Marauder, and specifically to animation. 

04/26/2017 0

Developer Diaries. Part 25

Hello everyone! Today we are going to show sketches and concept arts of the jeweler’s workshop. The building will be available in the town.

04/19/2017 0

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