Developer Diaries. Part 19

Welcome to the new developer diaries pages. Work on the towns districts are in full swing. We are not ready to reveal all the details yet, but will be happy to share some screenshots!

02/22/2017 0

Marauder’s sword

Hello dear friends!
We would like to touch an important and interesting topic for any player - ingame weapons. Let’s start from the swords, as the most classic and clear weapon to everyone.

02/17/2017 0

Developer Diaries. Part 18

Hello, dear friends! Today we would like to show you the final version of the concept of enhanced armor for a sniper. We’ve spent a lot of time in search of a perfect mix of materials and now pleased to introduce it to you

02/15/2017 0

New 3D models

Hello! Today we are going to speak about work of our 3D-artist - Stanislaw(Stas).

02/10/2017 0

Developer Diaries. Part 17

Welcome to the seventeenth part of our diaries. It's high time to speak about the town district’s work. Last time you saw a workpiece, and learned about our plans. Let's see what changed in the the area.

02/08/2017 0

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