Developer Diaries. Part 25

Hello everyone! Today we are going to show sketches and concept arts of the jeweler’s workshop. The building will be available in the town.

04/19/2017 0

Developer Diaries. Part 23

Hello! Today's diary will be short, but as informative as possible.

04/05/2017 0

Sniper & Bow

During the “Slavery War”, bows are appeared to be a real and not the most pleasant surprise for the Morkhs. A lot of arrows, fired from ambushes or from the backs of the infantry formation, found their targets.

03/15/2017 0

Developer Diaries. Part 21

Hi! It's high time to open the veil of secrecy over another aspect of working on our project. Today, our game designer Herman will talk about the interface map and its implications for the future development of the game.

03/10/2017 0

Developer Diaries. Part 20

Hello and welcome to the 20th page of developer diary! As far as you know we have been actively improving our character models. The most important stem is animations improving . Our animator - Evgeny is ready to tell something about his work.

03/01/2017 0

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