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Developer Diaries. Part 53

Hello dear friends and welcome to the pages of the latest developer diary in 2017.
We will not sum up the results at this time, since several previous diaries were devoted to them. It will be better if we will tell you about what our team was doing in the last days of the outgoing year.

Artists continue to work on the new character, and at the same time they managed to work on improving the two old characters. The Marauder and the Reaper will soon receive new armor sets!

Programmers partially reworked the code of the combat component of the game. Oh, it was not a trivial task at all, but we hope that in the future it will have a very positive effect on the entire combat system.
We added a test version of the indicators for taking damage, critical strike and damage. During the nearest testing you will be able to test them and offer your improvements!
The environment artist and level designer continue their work on the city blocks. Just wish them luck in their titanic work.
Game designers, as always, work on their calculations. Do you think it's fun? Oh, oh … how wrong you are. But guys keep on, several times checking each formula and each calculation. After the appearance of a new character in the game, this is a very important moment. Details - soon!
While I'm writing these lines, programmers are assembling a new test build. Perhaps it is you who will see it during the next testing. Let us all together wish them good luck!

This is it.

Now about the most important thing! HAPPY NEW YEAR AND MERRY CHRISTMAS TO YOU!
Best wishes to you in the next year!

With love,
The Warhold Team


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