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Developer Diaries. Part 51

Hello and welcome to the pages of the 51 developer's diary!

As far as you know, our team with support of our testers and focus group engaged in various alpha tests of Warhold for the last two weeks. Several opened and closed tests were conducted. Many thanks to all those who worked together with us!

During the tests, we not only collected reports on bugs, but also your wishes. Thanks to them we have formed a list of the most interesting features that we could start implementing soon.

All this time the rest of our team did not sit idly by. The most important event for us was moving from UE 4.15.3 to UE 4.18.1. We are sure that this step will beneficially effect on our project. In the same time, our environment artists made quite serious changes in the game. The town has new grass, puddles and mud, so it look much more realistic now. Elements of houses have become more legible and readable.

The map “Dungeon” received a full-fledged effect of dust illuminated by the sun. That allow us to remove several effects that loaded system.

The Druid received a set of icons for his skills. Please, rate how informative they are and how good they are!

There is first pack of resource icons for the city. So far, these are the simplest and most common resources. Further more!


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