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Developer Diaries. Part 50

Hello everyone! And welcome to 50th jubilee diary.

We will begin with thanks to all the people who came yesterday for testing and until late at night stay with us. Thank you very much for your participation and feedback.

We understand that weekday is not the most convenient time for testing, so we will conduct additional testing on November 18, 2017. The exact time of testing will be send later, with e-mail and additional news on our resources.

In the past, we summed up the results of recent months. Today we would like to sum up one more result. Not so long ago, a survey was conducted about the necessary features in the game. You were given the choice of the following options, now they are placed in order of priority after the vote, and their status is indicated:

1. New mechanics of basic attacks, for characters that do not apply tension - in development.

2. Detailed statistics match - done!

3. Add support characters - done! We’ve added Druid.

4. Add the ability to evade attacks(roll, dash, etc.). - partially completed. Characters got active abilities, with which they can escape from attacks.

5. Add the characters using shields to the game - in development.

6. The ability to block a strike - in development.

In the near future we will compile a new survey to understand in which direction we should move, therefore, we ask you to express your wishes on possible features.

Thanks again for your support!


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