Developer Diaries. Part 44

Александр 0 09/22/2017

Hello! In this diary we would like to talk about the ultimate abilities. Hearing the word "ultimate" you could already guess, that this is something extremely dangerous and lethal. But before we talk about specific abilities of the characters, we would love to discuss general principles of the accumulation and use of energy for these abilities.

1. Ultimate consists of two parts. First one is a visual indicator of points needed to accumulate for the first, second or third charge. Charges themselves are displayed in a form of yellow bars around the indicator. Once you get at least one charge, you can immediately activate your ultimate skill. But keep in mind, that each charge gives the ultimate an additional effect and scaling.

2. If your character is killed, you lose all the points, but keep the acquired charges. All charges can be lost only if you use the ultimate. Notice, that if you used an ultimate with 1 or 2 charges, the accumulation points will also be lost.

3. Each character has a unique ultimate skill and an individual way of accumulation ultimate points. That said, the number of points gained heavily depends on what you do with a certain hero.

Maybe you want to add some suggestions on the general rules of ultimate? We would be glad to hear from you!


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