Developer Diaries. Part 43

Александр 0 09/13/2017

Hello! Today’s diary will be dedicated to the Druid. Our 3d character artist is working on it and you can see the first results!

Even now character has a very expressive appearance. We are confident that we will soon be able to show you the final version and you’ll definitely love it.

By the way! The weapon for the Druid has already passed the concept stage, and you can admire its deadly beauty. Yes it is a staff, but a very versatile staff. In addition to direct attacks, it can generate a clot of spores that heal your allies or inflict damage to your opponents. There are other ways to use the staff, but we will talk about them later.

It is already clear that the Druid turns out to be an extremely dangerous and popular character. We are 100% sure that after the "field tests" many players will choose Druid as their main character.

This concludes our diary today. See you soon!



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