Developer Diaries. Part 42

Александр 0 09/06/2017

Hello everyone!
While our team is preparing new client for the next testing, I would like to talk about new game mode that will be available in the nearest alpha test.


The game mode is called "Arena". The rules are extremely simple. Your characters will be transferred to the special arena for gladiatorial fights. The battle will be in the format 3 vs 3, with the victory counted ONLY after the COMPLETE destruction of the enemy team.


I would like to draw your attention to the fact that the time of the battle is limited. If you do not have enough time, the system will activate an additional timer, but all players will be visible on the map.If this time is not enough, then the match will continue with the debuff "Damage", which permanently damages all living characters. Will you say that it is impossible to survive with this option? Anything can happen, so we foresaw a draw option, when after the second extra time, at least one player remains in the opposing team.


During the alpha testing team members will be selected randomly, but later we will be able to add feature of creating your own team.


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