Developer Diaries. Part 41

Александр 0 08/30/2017

Hello everyone! It's time to take stock of the closed alpha testing and talk about our future plans. But before that, we would like to sincerely thank all those who came for testing and did not hesitate to leave your feedback. Thanks to you we will make the game better! Thank you!


So, the test results:
1. Work on improving the game was a success. The new game mechanics will be further developed and on the following tests we will start working on fine tuning.
2. The balance of the characters turned out to be close to the ideal, which will certainly become an excellent foundation for the further development of combat modes.
3. We have taken into account your opinions on the filling of the fighting arena and will work on its improvement.
4. Work on optimization and network code will continue. We have already achieved significant success, and you will be able to check it very soon.
5. The focus group and the testers have chosen combat interface, which you will be able to see in the nearest testing!
Thanks again to all those who participated in the testing! And now let’s move to the news.



We continue our work on the support character. Previously, he received the name "Druid". Our game designers have already started internal testing and balancing this character.


Looking forward to new meetings in the pages of our diary!



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