Developer Diaries. Part 40

Александр 0 08/10/2017

Hello, dear friends! 
Thank you for your participation in the voting and feedback. Really, you helped us very seriously. Today we would like to continue our dialogue.
Game designers have created a list of skills, which you will see below. To avoid creating artificial boundaries for you, we are specifically not going to concretize those skills.

Please read them and share your opinion. Perhaps you think that you should add and/or change some skill. Feel free to express your opinion!

1. AOE effect which buffs allies and simultaneously debuffs enemies.

2. Impact on the game environment, through which the player can create dangerous zone for the enemy, forcing opponents to make difficult decisions in combat.

3. Ability through which you can interact with the corpses of enemies, and gain benefit for your character.

We have not forgotten about the opportunity to heal your team, but we have taken a small interest of the community in this ability. Therefore, it will be combined with the attack ability. In this case, the attack is going to be used with a projectile (grenade, bottle, sphere).

We are waiting for your feedback and suggestions.


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