Developer Diaries. Part 26

Александр 0 04/26/2017

Welcome to our 26th Developers Diary pages! Today we will return to the topic of improving the Marauder, and specifically to animation.

As you could see in a lot of games, if the characters have a meager animations, then the game itself does not cause that storm of emotions that could be. We understand it perfectly, so our animators are working hard to revive the characters.

Today Marauder got animations of walking, running, jumping, stopping and idleness. Yes, yes! Idleness animation is also present. It gives soul to Marauder, makes him not just a plastic dummy. It makes character interesting and alive.

Of course, not without modifications. Upon the request of the game designers, the Marauder lost his hunched ness and some unnecessary sharpness in his movements. Also, the "weight" of the weapon was increased, making the attacks look more impressive.

Our readers were interested in where the animators get their inspiration. How did you come up with a motion for fictional heroes? The answer lies on the surface - games, movies and sometimes cartoons or anime. Our Marauder received many of his movements due to Uruk-Hai from the movie "The Lord of the Rings"

Most of the time now we spent on fine-tuning the animation and smoothing the joints of different states of the hero. But this process will soon be optimized, which will greatly accelerate the acquisition of new animations by characters!

See you soon on the pages of our diary!


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