Developer Diaries. Part 24

Александр 0 04/12/2017

Let's start with the reason of changing the concept of the hero. All fantasy games have three or four variants of the main weapon and a set of rather trivial skills. Our game designers do their best to avoid it. Soberly assessing the competitiveness of our characters, we decided to focus on really unique game mechanics, tied to the personal ability of players to control the character. How is this possible? Let's take a look on it!


To get started, after weighing all the pros and cons, the game designers decided to take away shield and sword, because there's already another character, armed in the same way. The question was - how we can arm a fighter who is fighting in the middle of the battle? Two-handed sword? Maybe but it's pretty corny. So we have chosen paired weapon ! The choice fell on swords of the type falchion (European bladed weapons with blade that expands towards the end  with unilateral sharpening). Of course, serious reworking and styling of weapons was needed. At that moment our artists looked attentively at the working tools of the butchers. The final result surpassed our expectations.

Of course, this style of combat require certain class of armor. A lot of hours were spent by the artists  to find the right forms and masses, which will make it visually wider and heavier. It was also necessary to exclude details which could raise doubts and make the character cartoonish or could adversely affect on the animation of the character. And, of course, the worst headache was imparting of insect feeling to the Marauder's appearance, and it was necessary to exclude similarity to a typical demon.

So, we have a well-protected and armed fighter. It looks like that we have everything and we should be happy, but it is not as simple as it looks like. Like any tank, the Marauder is not able to develop a significant speed. His weapons do serious damage, but fast characters will have a chance to dodge, block the attack or just run away. You can say that it is a target No, it's not so simple!
One of the main Marauder’s feature is the ability to restore his life at the cost of the enemy's blood. A kind of vampirism, but without pale skin, black raincoat, fangs and bites. Instead of them, scary swords and puddles of blood on the ground. Yes, you got it right. The marauder is able to regenerate his health by absorbing the blood scattered over the surface of the battlefield. Very convenient, especially when you rush into the middle of battle.


If you decide that the improved Marauder is a typical solo character, then you are mistaken. He is very valuable for teamplay. One of his skills redirects some of the damage from the allies to the Marauder. Can it embarrass you when, literally under the feet, the sea of blood is poured to restore health?
Work on new game mechanics for the Marauder continues. We have a lot of ideas how to make this character very interesting, both for solo players, and for fans of team play.
Stay with us!


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