Developer Diaries. Part 22

Александр 0 03/29/2017

Recently we published  the Marauder's sword story  in the world of Warhold. Today, it will receive a rather unexpected continuation. Some time ago, our team decided to change the Marauder's gameplay, and, consequently, his weapons.


Yes, you heard right. Goodbye shield and sword, hello pair swords! Let's see how we searched the options for new weapons. As always, it all started with a dozen options, from the most banal to the absolutely futuristic. After that, four most interesting variants were chosen and on their basis six new models were created. The weapon should have been brutal enough to support the Marauder's image.


Since, weapon and armor shouldn’t just go together but should multiply the visual effect from each other, it took us long to to find the right one. 


When we have chosen  the most interesting option, several variants of this sword were created. Quite threatening and brutal, right?


And now the sword is already in color. Look how good it is! A real predator!

After the concept artist finished his part of the work, it was the turn of our 3D-artist.

The main difficulty was in creating "Corruption" on the sword. I had to redo the work several times to make it look organic and realistic.


Even with a quick look, the weapons turned out to be quite menacing! We hope that you will like it!



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