Developer Diaries. Part 10

Александр 0 12/14/2016

Welcome to the tenth part of developer diaries! Our hero today is going to be concept-artist Mary!

- Hi, Mary. In several diaries before was mentioned concept-artist’s work. And here we are with you. Let's start with a couple of general questions that will help our readers to understand your job. What are your duties as concept-artist? Not all people understand what the position is and why it is so important.

- Hello! I’m very pleased that i can describe my work to the readers! Concept artist prepares ideas for new game content. For example, my responsibilities include preparing concepts of town buildings, their interior and exterior. Also, I think over all appearance of the urban elements of the city from walls to the door hinge. After all the parts are accepted, I create the most detailed concept, which will be guided in 3D artist work.


- Is it necessary to be a real architect?

- No, of course not :) We need perseverance, logic, attentiveness and desire to create. For example, I’m Master of Arts, and still have an additional education in history of arts and architectural styles.

- Strong enough! But let's get back to the Warhold. What are you doing now?

- Oh! Now I'm working on a very interesting building to train our soldiers - the barracks! They are surrounded by a wall, and in the center is a training ground. There you’ll find the targets for archers and "dolls" for melee training. Now it’s only a sketch, but soon it will become a full concept.

- Tell us, about the concept-art production?

- It's quite a laborious and lengthy process. Let me tell you more about it separately?

- Okay, we are waiting for the details. I think our readers will be interested in following of all the steps of creating one of the most important buildings in the game.


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