Developer Diaries. Part 7

Александр 0 11/23/2016

It's high time for the next developer diaries. Today’s hero is going to be Andrew - our 3D Environment artist.

-Hi, Andrew! I know you're prepared, and now our readers are going to see very interesting screenshots and concept arts.

- Hello everyone, yes, I want to show the result of recent work - a "Chef’s house" one of the main buildings in game. That building will be your town’s control center. Like every 3D model, first it was created by our 2d concept artist, and passed few improvement stages.

When 2d concept was approved by our team my turn came. Of course, some details and proportions were changed a bit to the needs of our in-game feeling.

- Now we are working on interior decoration. But I think, our level designer Deniz will be able to tell you more about it. In this process, I will help as needed, because I started the second, most important building in town - the "Hall of Heroes", but for now, I'm not ready to reveal details.

- Thank you for answers and new screenshots! I'll get back to you the next week, so we can show the results of your work to the public if they’ll want of course!


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