Developer Diaries. Part 52

Александр 0 12/14/2017

Hello, dear readers!

Today's diary we will begin with the summing up of testing and small announcement. According to the test results, only a couple of significant bugs remained in the combat component of the game, which will be corrected in the near future. Yes, we ran into several unpleasant moments due to the engine update, but we are already working on solving the difficulties that have arisen. In general, the testing was excellent! Thank you for your appearance and many interesting and useful reviews.

And while we were preparing for testing, our team managed to do the following things:

The city quarters were partially optimized after the engine was updated. We’ve managed to increase FPS from 5 to 15. Sure, we have a lot of work to do, but we will do it with full devotion!

By the way, in the nearest builds, windows in buildings will behave appropriately and in the dark time of them will be showered with a pleasant home light, during the day/night cycle.

Our artists started their work on a new hero (details will be available soon!) And prepared several options for a new scythe for the Reaper, which one do you like the most?

Game designers changed the game balance again and before the testing they removed the attack on the right mouse click from the Druid. Now his spores heal both allies and damage his opponents. It is much more convenient, don’t you think so?

So this is all news for the past week!


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