Developer Diaries. Part 48

Александр 0 10/20/2017

Hello! Tomorrow we will have internal testing in our office. Several people from the focus group expressed a desire to participate in it and get to know the development team more closely. We will tell you about the results of this testing in the near future, and also announce the date of the new alpha test.

Let's sum up what our team did in 1.5 months from the last alpha test.

Let's start with the most inconspicuous, but important event - the optimization of the city. We will not give you absolute values, just say that the load on your system for several important parameters has decreased by ... 11 times. Not bad, right? And we continue to work on this!

Also in the city there was an opportunity to build buildings and run production cycles in them. You can see how the city dwellers purposefully go to their new job.

Now you can send people to adventure for useful equipment. While everything is simple, but soon you will have to face the need to make complex decisions and select a strong and balanced team.

All the characters received ultimatum skills, which can seriously affect the outcome of the battle. You could already read about them in past diaries. We hope that during the next test, you will be able to fully experience them in battle.

The work on the Druid model is almost complete. Very soon he will take his place in the ranks of our best warriors. Already, all the skills and perks of the Druid passed the stage of internal testing and balancing.

In addition to domination game mode, we have added new mode - “Arena”. Battles 3 to 3 promises to be very hot. The map where the battle takes place does not imply the possibility of cowardly hiding from the enemy. Only violent attacks are capable of giving victory.

To make the "Arena" even more dangerous and bloody, our team seriously finalized the game matchmaking. That will be the purpose of our Saturday’s focus tests.

Sounds like we did a good amount of work in such a short period of time? Yes we did.  In the meantime, we say goodbye to you. Wait for the announcement of a new tests in the coming days!


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