Developer Diaries. Part 47

Александр 0 10/12/2017

Hello dear readers. Today we will tell you about one next feature that is waiting for you in the nearest alpha test - adventures.

Adventures in the alpha version will be in its simplest form. You will be able to collect and send a group of citizens to search for equipment for your heroes. During the campaign there will be a series of events that will determine the outcome of the expedition. The results of the events will depend directly on the skills of the characters sent to the adventures.

In the next versions of the adventures we would like to include the possibility to make an informed choice during the events, as well as multi-stage campaigns connected by a single storyline. You can get not only equipment, but also valuable resources.

If you are interested in this facet of the game and you have interesting ideas, we will always be happy to hear from you.


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