Developer Diaries. Part 46

Александр 0 10/04/2017

Hello everyone!
In one of the past diaries, we examined the general rules for the accumulation of the Ultimate points. Today we wanted to talk more about each of the skills.


Let's start with the Marauder. His ability is called the "Sanguinary Shroud". After activation, the Marauder envelops the area around him with the "Sanguinary Shroud", causing the following effects:
•1 Charge: Makes allies immune to crowd control effects and makes enemies vulnerable, increasing incoming damage
•2 Charges: Additionally, the Shroud blocks the line of sight of the enemies staying inside the area
•3 Charges: Enemies caught into the Shroud cannot see anyone except the Marauder


The next hero will be the Reaper and his skill - "Soul Reaping". When activated, the Reaper for some time violently attacks the opponents in front of him. But this is not all, for each additional charge the hero receives a special effect:
•1 Charge: Reaper is immune to crowd control effects
•2 Charges: Additionally, slowing area is spawned on the Reaper's path
•3 Charges: Additionally, Reaper shoots projectiles in front of him, damaging the enemies


"Phantom arrows" Sniper - extremely dangerous ultimate in skillful hands. Your help to the team will be appreciated.
•1 Charge: Flares all the enemies on the map, making them visible through walls
•2 Charges: Additionally, Archer's arrows are ignoring the environment, flying through any obstacles
•3 Charges: Additionally, Archer's arrows are hunting the enemies, automatically aiming to nearby targets on their path

This is all for now, see you soon on the pages of our diary.


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