Developer Diaries. Part 45

Александр 0 09/27/2017

We continue to talk about our work. This diary is dedicated to our Angel of Death - Reaper. And like every decent Angel of Death, he must have wings and a portal into Purgatory. Let's take a look at the secret Reaper’s base and see how they prepare for the upcoming battles!


As you can see, guys are trying hard, practicing standard movements and experimenting with the environment. They perfectly understand that every extra second, spent on opening portal or summoning wings can be costly.

Of course, they do not limit themselves to only on laboratory site. On the following frames, we see how Reaper is trying on different wings. Yes, not all models fit perfectly, but don’t worry, the rescue team does not sleep.

Well, the final training. Skills are brought to automatism and look really threatening!

We hope that you enjoyed watching this video!


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