God of Death’s servants, the Reapers, aiming not only to survive on the battlefield, but to sacrifice as many people to their insane God, as they can.

God’s mark gives the Reapers incredible stamina to chase their victims with no feeling of tiredness or hunger.

Also the Reapers exhales the Aura of Death, devitalizing people around. Only warriors with the iron will or the Sovereign’s warriors can resist the Aura and go into action. It’s inconceivable hard to defeat the Ripers as every of them is a professional experienced murderer.  

The Reapers are extremely dangerous and use their abilities skillfully. The Death Arm hits the first one that targets. It’s amazingly useful to control the whole battlefield: the Reaper can pull the enemies from the shelter, divide the combat group, catch fleeing soldier - the spehere of using The Death Arm is almost unlimited. The Cursed Shield kick interrupts the enemy’s connection with the Sovereign, blocking the warrior’s abilities. Cursed shield is very useful in dueling, but it’s force function fully exposes in massive battles. Neutrilizing the Chaplain right in the middle of the battle can fully destroy enemie’s tactics. Evil eye totem retards the enemies, which is an indispensable ability for ambush and defence.

The heavy armour and the shield make the Reaper a perfect survivor. As a melee fighter the Reaper is slightly weaker than specialized classes warriors, but he’s a grave threat too!

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John M 3 years, 4 months ago

I am way too excited for this game.

Level Skill description

Corruption Totem



Death Hand



Cursed Shield


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The Reapers are great in thinking our the tactics and controlling over the battlefield. While united together, they can turn out the battle into a massacre.


All the Reapers truly embody the meanness. While the battle is going on, they use their skills in order to disunite the enemies and spifflicate with them one by one.


Even a lone Reaper is a hell enemy for everyone. Wearing the most heavy armor and as mortal as the Death himself is, he's able to stymie any enemy soldier.