Every Marauder participated in many battles and gained tons of scars. Battlefield is his pass, he can imagine no day witout a combat.

The Marauder uses a sword and a shield - so he’s a versilite fighter, which is able to murder and to take a punch as well. Heavy chitin armor helps him to stand up to in impact, that could kill an average man immediately.   

As a battle unit Maradeur is focused on causing damage. His main goal is to get closer to the enemy and impose melee.

Marauder’s skills are only used for the attack. Midges swarm is an additional and immediate remote attack, which is used to finish off fleeing enemies. It can be turned into a very useful ability after some number of improvements.

Chitin shield gives an additional protection bonus and hits the target widely. Recharging time is totally compensated by a protection bonus and massive damage caused.  

Midges swarm help to combat with some enemies at the same time, causing damage to the nearest ones. The swarm covers a large area around the Marauder and gains strenghs after enemies’ attacks.  

Marauder’s survival rate is increased by his heavy armor and skillful shield use: shield block several times reduces damage caused due to lot of stamina and travel speed.


       Surviving in the face of constant warfare, the Marauders prefer to take everything by themselves. The most important thing for them is to provide themselves with food and necessary equipment. He does not think about his well-being - he living for today.
       Marauder - a veteran who has seen a lot of battles and earn a lot of scars. The field of battle - his native path: there is no day that he did not join the battle.
       Marlett is a patron of Marauders. Deity encourages those who rob and kill for their own benefit, calling it a necessary evil to maintain the surrounding chaos. For faithful service Marlett make Marauder's armor are getting stronger, as if fused with the body, forming a shell of chitin. This makes them less vulnerable to conventional attacks. Marauders do not wish anything to create or organize things. For them, chaos and confusion are the norm.

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Level Skill description

Flies Swarm



Chitin Shield



Midges Swarm


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Level Skills progress

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 Marauders - true masters of melee. No one dares to fight them face to face. In the event of a collision with multiple opponents, Marauder prefer to beat each of them individually.


 With their skills Marauders slow down and weaken opponents. If you come to grips with the Marauder, no way back: the battle is obvious.

Powers of decay

Marauders uses the power of decay, turning his shield into a deadly weapon.