About game Warhold

Warhold os an exciting Online Action game with strategy elements. Warhold’s world is grim and cruel, where powerful Fatebinders weave intrigues and waging never-ending war for the unlimited power.

Battles – most important part of the Warhold’s world. Possessing ancient knowledge, each Fatebinder, can take full control on one of his mighty heroes, using them in bloody battles. And the more powerful Fatebinder is, the larger number of heroes he can wield. Marauder, Reaper, Sniper, Possessed and many others will unquestioningly carry out all your orders.

The fight can erupt anywhere in immense Warhold’s world. You will have to pass through a lot of battles on the way to the power.. Sometimes you will be alone to defend your life; sometimes you will have temporary allies. The time will come, and you will lead your own army to storm enemy fortresses.

Warhold’s world is full of dangers, and only you can decide how to deal with it. You have the power to create a strong clan and lead it to prosperity. You can join an existing coalition of Fatebinders, honestly doing the job, yielding honor and respect. Perhaps you'll be  skillful and cunning enough to take the place of the head of coalition with the help of political intrigue. Of course, there is another way - you'll be lonely, but very dangerous wolf. In any case, it's up to you and only you.

Do not assume that Warhold isjust endless battles and intrigues. There is a fortressed town inhabited by normal people, and  its future is in your hands. Remember that for the development of the city, you will need a lot of resources, as well as a loyal population. Your citizens is not only peasants and craftsmen, there are an adventurers who ready to risk their heads, going to the edge of the world in pursuit of artifacts and valuable resources.

Are you willing to risk all for the sake of a great goal, and take power into your own hands? Then it's your time!