All the destinies are ruled sway from this majestic Palace. Here the Sovereign of the city signs decrees, levies taxes. Not some many residents have seen this Palace from within, and even few can tell about it. It's kind of a joke of destiny, that some get into this building for their own death penalty announcement. Life is cruel, that's it. Exterior and interior of the Palace depends on the upgrade level. First level building is made of wood and looks pretty ascetic. The following upgrades will turn it into a stone-made chamber with mahogany elements and lots of carving trappings and heraldic flags. The Sovereign rules his city-state with a rod of iron from the Main Hall of the Palace. The higher the building's level is, the more ornated the Hall becomes. Here you can see hunting trophies on the walls, lots of wild animals skins and some weapons, which look deadly even at first glance. There's also a massive table with a map on it in the center of the Hall, so the Sovereign is able to have a look at every distant quarter in the city. No one can hide from his watchful eyes! The town watch patrols help the Sovereign too. The Sovereign rests from state affair in the private premises of the Palace, for example in his bedchamber. What's the delicious smell? Seems like something very tasty is being cooked in the palace kitchen. Future Sovereigns! Your Palace is your castle, the place where you can not only relax after the battles, but take all the strategical administrative decisions, too. So make it comfortable for yourself, majestic-looking and command city citizens' respect.

Townhall is a main building in player's town!

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