Developer Diaries. Part 37

Have a nice day, dear readers!

Today we will tell you a terrible but true story about the development of the game.

07/20/2017 1

Developer Diaries. Part 36

Hello everyone! 
As you know, we are working on improving the Sniper model. Not so long ago we showed you the new concept and started work. Well, it's time to get your opinion about new model.

07/12/2017 0

Developer Diaries. Part 35

While the majority of our team is busy in preparing and testing the next build, we would like to share another small but important detail.

07/05/2017 0

Developer Diaries. Part 34

Hello everyone!
In this diary, we would like to speak about the one of the most important detail Andrey, our 3d environment artist, worked on.

06/28/2017 0

Developer Diaries. Part 33

Hello everyone! Thank you all for participating in our surveys!

06/20/2017 0

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