New alpha test is coming this Tuesday!

Hello! New alpha test is coming this Tuesday!
Test will start: 17.00 (CEST) 8.00 (GMT/UTC - 7:00) 7 Novwmber 2017!

11/03/2017 0

Developer Diaries. Part 49

Saturday’s testing was successfully completed. Our team is working on fixing the problems and improving the matchmaking. Special thanks to those who came to our office. We are always glad to see you on our tests!

10/25/2017 0

Developer Diaries. Part 48

Hello! Tomorrow we will have internal testing in our office. Several people from the focus group expressed a desire to participate in it and get to know the development team more closely. We will tell you about the results of this testing in the near future, and also announce the date of the new alpha test.

10/20/2017 0

Developer Diaries. Part 47

Hello dear readers. Today we will tell you about one next feature that is waiting for you in the nearest alpha test - adventures.

10/12/2017 0

Developer Diaries. Part 46

Hello everyone!
In one of the past diaries, we examined the general rules for the accumulation of the Ultimate points. Today we wanted to talk more about each of the skills.

10/04/2017 0

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